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Welcome to Katog Dungkar Ling


A Vajrayana Buddhist meditation center, Dungkar Ling translates as "The Abode of the White Conch".  Since 2003, we have been dedicated to creating an environment in which students can benefit from learning basic techniques of meditation and mantra, practicing under the guidance of our regularly visiting lamas, and receiving the support of the "sangha", the community of fellow practitioners and like-minded people. 

  The Nyingma lineage, Katog Choling lamas who visit Katog Dungkar Ling provide inspiration,  teachings and support, offering us methods for overcoming suffering and finding ultimate happiness for both others and ourselves. These practices enrich our daily lives, relationships and work. Through the lama’s teachings, students learn powerful and practical methods, cultivating kind hearts and pure motivation in all activities. Like heat melting ice, Vajrayana practices dissolve obscurations to reveal our essentially pure and perfect nature.